Monday, 20 July 2009

Whitstable Oyster Festival...

Hey! The other day i went to Whitstable Oyster Festival and though the day looked gloomy, everyone looked like they had a fantastic time; people playing music and on the whole it seemed like a great place to spend the day. I don’t really like oysters but was convinced to eat some from the people that i had pasted. we went from stall to stall to see which the cheapest and the freshest oysters were and it came down to 50p per opened oyster- which i have to say that is a bargain! as we queued and queued we eventually got a pot of cockles, a mix pot, crayfish tails and 12 opened oysters.

As the rest of my family "ate" (swallowed) them down, it was left to me to eat my share, with a splash of tabasco and lemon juiced i downed them, but with the late one i had to bite it and a gush of salty water exploded in my mouth! that was not the taste i really wanted...

...but on the whole the day had a buzz to it :)

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