Monday, 20 July 2009

Shopping: my true loovee

Hey :)

it all started on saturday morning woke up to the sound of my sister knocking on my door saying "are you ready? i'm gonna go now." but it turns out that my lovely older sister decided to play a trick on moi. i rushed to the door and there she was standing in her pjs with a grin on her face. riduculous!

But i have to say; who does not like shopping in the sales? it's totally great to grab those bargains and plus to buy the things you really wanted but found them too costly to buy in full price.

Dorothy Perkins; this has to be one of my favourite shops ever, the clothes in there are gorgeous for any occasion and the price is good, but when it comes to the sales i normally head to the jewellery section and grab myself some bargains :)

i truly love the bright blue faceted necklace! i can totally clash with my outfit giving it a really quirky look lol and the price was good too ^^ also with the different size beads it will definately be a keep-safe thing ;)

Same design bracelet as the necklace but in PINK! i absolutely love it, it totally clashes with the blue necklace if i wear it and also by itslef it such a vibrant pink that it can be a statement too :) and both 70% off i'm one happy bunny!

Ok ok i'm not the sort of person who would do a plait naturally on my head, so this cheat headband it totally amazing. Normally i don't see a black hair braid, but once i saw this in dorothy perkins i knew that i must have it, but for £5 i not sure i was willing to pay, but now 70% off you can definately say it is now worth it :)

Where would my live be without these.... i love the colours and the size off them. in a way they remind me of those bubblegumms you eat lol but there so fun i just had to have them!

This was my latest buy on Saturday, and yet if you saw the price it was... yes.. £1 i Know that's insane but true.
i love the look and with the blue feathers it just makes the earrings pop and different form any dangly earrings i have. i love the little birds and the beads, oh and including the feathers to give it a more natural piece.

...however as i was looking at the rest of the jewellery i saw the black braid headband and the bubblegum looking earrings for a £1 as well :( ahh if only i left it another week...
but who cares i got them well all of this for less than there original price and what can i say? there's nothing to argue with!

This is my last piece, popped to debenhams and found this adorable bow diamonte headband for a wooper £2! i know insane, the only reason i love it beacuse it's so elegant and beautiful and i know i can wear it, to spice up my outfit with a bit of glamour! :)

With all this you know i am and truly a happy happy girl :)

(p.s. soorrrry if there's any spelling mistakes --)

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