Wednesday, 22 July 2009

My obsession with cute things (^.^)

Well I do have to say whenever I go on google I always end up going and find a really cute image to put as my msn image.

Here's a few:

This adorable picture of two pigs is actually made out of rice! The Japanese ae so good at this i can't believe that
food can be made this adorable!

It's soo cute, it's my phone wallpaper!

This one is soo adorable,
you wouldn't even think of this as food? This to me, seems like a piece of true ART! I mean whoever made this

must love hellokitty and must of starved, beacuse i wouldn't even eat it, i

wouldn't/couldn't make myself eat it.

Even this one is so cute! I love it! it makes you think your friends and family is soo precious to you! Ahh love it!

Now, what is totally adorable and amazing and has been inspiration to me is DSK Jewelry!

This is one of the images, but if you check out her blog, you can see the other amazing and cute pieces of jewellry she

Her jewellry are beautiful and are at a great price! she is also having a 3rd giveaway, so one lucky winner can have the necklace above!

AND even twilight fans can even get a piece of the action, because Stephanie has created the twilight bracelet with Edward's heart and Jacob's wooden or sliver wolf. I truly love what she's doing!
So look at what she has to offer (and it's alot)!

Also good luck to everyone in the giveaway!

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