Wednesday, 29 July 2009

After a day with my bestie :)

25 minutes long after our original time, I met up with my bestie, Louise :), for a girl day out and to catch that new Harry Potter film, so as I stood there like an old lemon to come off the bus, we both did the most cheesiest grin that you know you've done something wrong and basically did the same old chit chat we always do; "OMG! haven't seen you in a long time" seems to be the best way to put it, lol (",)
So overall here's what I brought:

But whilst waiting and before the reunion, I popped into Superdrugs to buy some nail varnish.

Barry M NP 292 (Navy)

I was in search for the perfect midnight metallicaly blue and seem spoiled for choice from the maybelline and barry m. In the end i decided with the Barry M, to me it look more blue and intense, so honestly I had to get it!

Barry M NP273 (Raspberry)

Literally I think Raspberry is exactly the perfect name to call this nail paint. I LOVE IT! the only reason I brought was at Barry M it was 2 for £4.99 so at £2.89 each I had to, I LOVE IT and it's that other colour that would work as the next red! I can't wait to paint this baby on my nails XD I'm one happy little camper!

After the film, we decided to hit the shops, the usual shops but as the sales continue I didn't find anything I'd really like or if I found something I really liked it was most possibly not in my size :(
So to cheer me up we went to LUSH!

So I went to the bath bombs bit and saw this bright yellow stripy thing called Honey Bee, and I can tell you it's smells so good, it's like honey (of course) with a flowery smell and it kinda reminds me of butterscotch pudding XD

The lady who helped us was so nice as we were bickering about what a massage bar does, but she put our minds at rest and told us, she even demonstrated on our arms, so next time I shall be getting some :)
The lady was really nice, but I didn't find out her name :( which is so annoying...

However after reading the reviews of Honey Bee on it seems that it turns the water bright yellow and can also stain the tub *yikes* but the smell is so nice, I don't mind scrubing after my bath :S

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  1. Hi, I stumbled across your blog whilst commenting on cherrychan108. Nice little review here :]