Wednesday, 29 July 2009

After a day with my bestie :)

25 minutes long after our original time, I met up with my bestie, Louise :), for a girl day out and to catch that new Harry Potter film, so as I stood there like an old lemon to come off the bus, we both did the most cheesiest grin that you know you've done something wrong and basically did the same old chit chat we always do; "OMG! haven't seen you in a long time" seems to be the best way to put it, lol (",)
So overall here's what I brought:

But whilst waiting and before the reunion, I popped into Superdrugs to buy some nail varnish.

Barry M NP 292 (Navy)

I was in search for the perfect midnight metallicaly blue and seem spoiled for choice from the maybelline and barry m. In the end i decided with the Barry M, to me it look more blue and intense, so honestly I had to get it!

Barry M NP273 (Raspberry)

Literally I think Raspberry is exactly the perfect name to call this nail paint. I LOVE IT! the only reason I brought was at Barry M it was 2 for £4.99 so at £2.89 each I had to, I LOVE IT and it's that other colour that would work as the next red! I can't wait to paint this baby on my nails XD I'm one happy little camper!

After the film, we decided to hit the shops, the usual shops but as the sales continue I didn't find anything I'd really like or if I found something I really liked it was most possibly not in my size :(
So to cheer me up we went to LUSH!

So I went to the bath bombs bit and saw this bright yellow stripy thing called Honey Bee, and I can tell you it's smells so good, it's like honey (of course) with a flowery smell and it kinda reminds me of butterscotch pudding XD

The lady who helped us was so nice as we were bickering about what a massage bar does, but she put our minds at rest and told us, she even demonstrated on our arms, so next time I shall be getting some :)
The lady was really nice, but I didn't find out her name :( which is so annoying...

However after reading the reviews of Honey Bee on it seems that it turns the water bright yellow and can also stain the tub *yikes* but the smell is so nice, I don't mind scrubing after my bath :S

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

My obsession with cute things (^.^)

Well I do have to say whenever I go on google I always end up going and find a really cute image to put as my msn image.

Here's a few:

This adorable picture of two pigs is actually made out of rice! The Japanese ae so good at this i can't believe that
food can be made this adorable!

It's soo cute, it's my phone wallpaper!

This one is soo adorable,
you wouldn't even think of this as food? This to me, seems like a piece of true ART! I mean whoever made this

must love hellokitty and must of starved, beacuse i wouldn't even eat it, i

wouldn't/couldn't make myself eat it.

Even this one is so cute! I love it! it makes you think your friends and family is soo precious to you! Ahh love it!

Now, what is totally adorable and amazing and has been inspiration to me is DSK Jewelry!

This is one of the images, but if you check out her blog, you can see the other amazing and cute pieces of jewellry she

Her jewellry are beautiful and are at a great price! she is also having a 3rd giveaway, so one lucky winner can have the necklace above!

AND even twilight fans can even get a piece of the action, because Stephanie has created the twilight bracelet with Edward's heart and Jacob's wooden or sliver wolf. I truly love what she's doing!
So look at what she has to offer (and it's alot)!

Also good luck to everyone in the giveaway!

Batiste: where would i be without thee?

Hey Guys! My lateast product that I cannot, let me repeat, CANNOT live without now is:
*drum roll* BATISTE dry shampoo!

From blush, tropical and original, you can decide whether you buy one or all of them. This is truly one greatest inventional man has created, lol.

I chose to buy Tropical, for a whopping £1.95, which I have to say compared to other brands of dry shampoo, that's reasonably cheap (^.^)

What it says:
"Batiste Tropical (the one I have) Dry Shampoo with a deliciously exotic fragrance, revitalises greasy, dull and lifeless hair between washes. Instantly leaves your hair feeling clean, full of body and smelling beautiful. Quick and convient to use wherever you are.

Directions: Shake can vigorously before use and in-between sprays. Hold can approximately 30cm from hair and spray lightly, giving even coverage. Use fingertips to massage through hair and leave for a few moments. Brush product out, peferably using a natural bristle brush."

What I think:
This product is amazing, why you ask? here's why:
1. Smells good
2. Price is great
3. Comes with 3 fragrances to choose from
4. Does what it actually says!
5. Cleans and refreshes hair without washing


The bad points:
It could come in a bigger can ^^
Some people say that it can still leave your hair feeling greasy still, but that hasn't happened to me yet.

Where can you get it:
I'm not sure where you can get in the US or even if it is sold there but in the UK you can get it most Superdrug stores (that's where i got mine ^^), I've seen it also in some Tesco's and also in Boots, however each store can vary in price.

Overall, I Think this product is living up to it's name and personally it does what it says on the can! So I give it a 4/5 because I haven't tried other dry shampoos but without that matter I would give it a 5/5.

What do you think?

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Isn't Summer supposed to be sunny?

Now because it's offically summer and it's that time when all the school kids break up for summer holiday, is making me wonder; what has happened to the lovely sun?

I mean it's July, almost August and yet there isn't any sun whenever I look out of my window, all i see is clouds, clouds and more clouds. Is the sun having a nap or what!

I want to lounge outside and possible have an outdoor barbque, but everytime i get my hope up with this plan, it seems to backfire and i just end up inside trying to get myself entertained :(

hopefully the sun might come out tomorrow :)

have a good week ^^

Monday, 20 July 2009

Shopping: my true loovee

Hey :)

it all started on saturday morning woke up to the sound of my sister knocking on my door saying "are you ready? i'm gonna go now." but it turns out that my lovely older sister decided to play a trick on moi. i rushed to the door and there she was standing in her pjs with a grin on her face. riduculous!

But i have to say; who does not like shopping in the sales? it's totally great to grab those bargains and plus to buy the things you really wanted but found them too costly to buy in full price.

Dorothy Perkins; this has to be one of my favourite shops ever, the clothes in there are gorgeous for any occasion and the price is good, but when it comes to the sales i normally head to the jewellery section and grab myself some bargains :)

i truly love the bright blue faceted necklace! i can totally clash with my outfit giving it a really quirky look lol and the price was good too ^^ also with the different size beads it will definately be a keep-safe thing ;)

Same design bracelet as the necklace but in PINK! i absolutely love it, it totally clashes with the blue necklace if i wear it and also by itslef it such a vibrant pink that it can be a statement too :) and both 70% off i'm one happy bunny!

Ok ok i'm not the sort of person who would do a plait naturally on my head, so this cheat headband it totally amazing. Normally i don't see a black hair braid, but once i saw this in dorothy perkins i knew that i must have it, but for £5 i not sure i was willing to pay, but now 70% off you can definately say it is now worth it :)

Where would my live be without these.... i love the colours and the size off them. in a way they remind me of those bubblegumms you eat lol but there so fun i just had to have them!

This was my latest buy on Saturday, and yet if you saw the price it was... yes.. £1 i Know that's insane but true.
i love the look and with the blue feathers it just makes the earrings pop and different form any dangly earrings i have. i love the little birds and the beads, oh and including the feathers to give it a more natural piece.

...however as i was looking at the rest of the jewellery i saw the black braid headband and the bubblegum looking earrings for a £1 as well :( ahh if only i left it another week...
but who cares i got them well all of this for less than there original price and what can i say? there's nothing to argue with!

This is my last piece, popped to debenhams and found this adorable bow diamonte headband for a wooper £2! i know insane, the only reason i love it beacuse it's so elegant and beautiful and i know i can wear it, to spice up my outfit with a bit of glamour! :)

With all this you know i am and truly a happy happy girl :)

(p.s. soorrrry if there's any spelling mistakes --)


After watching a episode of Apprentice, me and my sister were set to go visit Margate eventually and to our luck after our trip to Whitstable we decided to go to Margate. Margate has a sandy beach and rock pools where you can find shells, oysters, limpets and much more.

So the reason i guess we went to Margate was there was nothing to do after Whistable and becuase we were there, it was only a short drive... but the view was amazing lol it actually so gorgeous the clouds were gone and the sky was such a blue it was amazing. However it was soo soo windy my hair just ended up all over my face and i didn't have a hair band in my honker of a bag :( as we walked across the warm sand, we saw people by the rock pools bending down to get something, honestly a nosey person, like myself would have ran there, but with the wind and slippery seaweed, i preferred to slowly make my way across. As i hopped off rocks to avoid the water i saw limpets

i remember from an episode of Ray mears that you must get a rock and the sides of them to get them off the rock. With a chunky monkey of a pebble i smacked it on its side and it flew ascross a pebble, eventually i found the limpet and it sort of reminded me of a small abaloney (if thats how you spell it :S) and i showed mum. Then mum went all chinese on me and said it was this blah blah blah i forgot to listen to her and that we should collect more. So i went hitting more off and my sister wanted to some but after a couple she cut her thumb of something and that she stopped.

By this time i totally dumbfounded to see my dad right by the other side of the rock pools- he actually looked really tiny :D which was funny and as we started collecting limpets my dad came over to say "I FOUND YOUR OYSTERS"


More oysters ¬¬

but then my mum followed him to the end and me and my sister decided to be explorers on a new land ( i know cool right?) so i jumped and hopped off rocks my mum came over and said she broke her shoes
funny as that seems it wasn't- it was 3.45pm and she said to meet her outside primark at 4pm, so the next mission we assigned to ourselves was to get our father off his gatherings lol

so as we hiked our way to the long long journey to primark we see that the front door where our mother was supposed to meet us was not there and that we had to use the side door. WHERE THE HELL WAS THE SIDE DOOR? and what totally annoyed me even more was that she didn't even bring her mobile and that we were at this strange place (Margate) as we walked with sand filled shoes-well mostly mine we found her staring at us saying why it took us long? c'mon we had to walk and that made me completed annoyed with her and in the car i ate all the oreo cookies... cos i like cookies :) so ha to her!
well actually i did give some to my sister...

Whitstable Oyster Festival...

Hey! The other day i went to Whitstable Oyster Festival and though the day looked gloomy, everyone looked like they had a fantastic time; people playing music and on the whole it seemed like a great place to spend the day. I don’t really like oysters but was convinced to eat some from the people that i had pasted. we went from stall to stall to see which the cheapest and the freshest oysters were and it came down to 50p per opened oyster- which i have to say that is a bargain! as we queued and queued we eventually got a pot of cockles, a mix pot, crayfish tails and 12 opened oysters.

As the rest of my family "ate" (swallowed) them down, it was left to me to eat my share, with a splash of tabasco and lemon juiced i downed them, but with the late one i had to bite it and a gush of salty water exploded in my mouth! that was not the taste i really wanted...

...but on the whole the day had a buzz to it :)