Monday, 20 July 2009


After watching a episode of Apprentice, me and my sister were set to go visit Margate eventually and to our luck after our trip to Whitstable we decided to go to Margate. Margate has a sandy beach and rock pools where you can find shells, oysters, limpets and much more.

So the reason i guess we went to Margate was there was nothing to do after Whistable and becuase we were there, it was only a short drive... but the view was amazing lol it actually so gorgeous the clouds were gone and the sky was such a blue it was amazing. However it was soo soo windy my hair just ended up all over my face and i didn't have a hair band in my honker of a bag :( as we walked across the warm sand, we saw people by the rock pools bending down to get something, honestly a nosey person, like myself would have ran there, but with the wind and slippery seaweed, i preferred to slowly make my way across. As i hopped off rocks to avoid the water i saw limpets

i remember from an episode of Ray mears that you must get a rock and the sides of them to get them off the rock. With a chunky monkey of a pebble i smacked it on its side and it flew ascross a pebble, eventually i found the limpet and it sort of reminded me of a small abaloney (if thats how you spell it :S) and i showed mum. Then mum went all chinese on me and said it was this blah blah blah i forgot to listen to her and that we should collect more. So i went hitting more off and my sister wanted to some but after a couple she cut her thumb of something and that she stopped.

By this time i totally dumbfounded to see my dad right by the other side of the rock pools- he actually looked really tiny :D which was funny and as we started collecting limpets my dad came over to say "I FOUND YOUR OYSTERS"


More oysters ¬¬

but then my mum followed him to the end and me and my sister decided to be explorers on a new land ( i know cool right?) so i jumped and hopped off rocks my mum came over and said she broke her shoes
funny as that seems it wasn't- it was 3.45pm and she said to meet her outside primark at 4pm, so the next mission we assigned to ourselves was to get our father off his gatherings lol

so as we hiked our way to the long long journey to primark we see that the front door where our mother was supposed to meet us was not there and that we had to use the side door. WHERE THE HELL WAS THE SIDE DOOR? and what totally annoyed me even more was that she didn't even bring her mobile and that we were at this strange place (Margate) as we walked with sand filled shoes-well mostly mine we found her staring at us saying why it took us long? c'mon we had to walk and that made me completed annoyed with her and in the car i ate all the oreo cookies... cos i like cookies :) so ha to her!
well actually i did give some to my sister...

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